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The Tattoo Remover equipment uses Nd:YAG technology and offers high quality results, due to its rezistant components. Its capacitors are made in Japan and have great functioning power, which allows an extensive use of the device, increasing efficiency. The radiators are strategically placed inside the equipment, for better cooling and to avoid overheating and thus damaging the device. Also, the foot switch offers an easy, convenient operation.

Wavelength: 1064nm532nm

Spot Diameter: 2~5mm

Width of Pulse: <10ns

Pulse Energy: 532/1064nm (1-1000mj)

Repetition Rate: 1-6Hz, adjustable

Screen: 6" Dual color LCD screen

Power: 250W

Cooling System: Air Cooling & Closed Water Circulation

Size: 50cm*38cm*40cm

Net Weight: 12 kgs