Spectrum X3

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SPECTRUM X3, third SPL (Square Pulse Light) generation, adopts SPL technology and constant charging technology, which emits constant energy to achieve optimal clinical results. It has a friendly-user interface with both automatic settings, for quick interventions, and manual settings, for customizing special treatments.

The SPL technoloy SPECTRUM X3 uses also guarantees a uniform, steady release of energy, while the RVC (Real Value Calibration) technology offers continuous energy flow, averting suddent fluctuations, for an intense treatment that leads to visible results.

SPECTRUM X3 prioritizes comfortable, efficient treatments, so it improved IPL technology, by adding stability and a stronger guarantee of immediate positive results.

Continuous working - 12 hours

Spot size - 15x50mm, 10x50mm

Repetition rate - Up to 1Hz

Cooling system - TEC Contact Cooling

Wavelength - 600-950nm (HR), 500-950nm (SR/VT/PT), 400-700nm (AC)

Fluence - Up to 35J/cm2

Pulse Width - 1-30ms, Max 4 pulse

Working mode - Classical mode, Customer mode

Dimension - 466X455X1024cm