Intense 500 SHR

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Intense 500 SHR Mobile is part of the last generation of professional devices with SHR technology, assisted by SkinGlide technology. The device eliminates the intermediate cooling time between flashes, increasing efficiency and work speed. Reliable and easy to use, it is one of the most popular IPL-SHR equipments.

Its easy to use interface, accessible through the generous 8.4 inch colour touchscreen, allows the set-up of the advanced software in just seconds. Intuitive, the software assists the operator at every step of the treatment. Mobile 500 SHR has three advanced cooling systems, specially designed for supporting SHR technology and allowing the device to be thoroughly used.

Treatments can be easily adapted to each client, through the software, which gives the operator options for giving the best procedure, leading to a successful treatment. The operator just has to put in the skin type, hair melanin concentration and skin pigmentation. The software will automatically generate and suggest the best parameters for the treatment.

500 SHR Mobile has shown remarcable results in permanent hair removal, even when the skin was very dark. This is possible through the increased power of SHR technology. The device can be used with a series of 6 filters, which can treat acne, solar and age spots, rosacea and couperose, and it works extremely well in rejuvenation treatments.

Powerful and mobile, safe and efficient, 500 SHR Mobile is the perfect option if you are a beginner and want to start offering IPL-SHR technology based treatments with a highly reasonable investment.

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