Intense 3000 SHR E-light

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The new Intense 3000 E-light harmoniously combines the advantages of IPL technology with the new SHR technology and with the results of Bipolar Radiofrequency (R.F.). Radiofrequency waves help by doing a great job regardless of hair or skin type. They go deep into the skin, generating a controlled temperature of up to 45 degrees Celsius, leading to fast and safe results.

E-light technology is know for the results it has on dark, tan skin, and on red, blonde and white hairs, impossible to be permanently removed through traditional technologies.

Intense 3000 E-light uses caloric optical energy with SHR technology, bringing an important heat flux. This works perfectly combined with the caloric energy emitted through radiofrequency, having visible, important results. E-light therapy uses several wavelenghts and radiofrequency to treat the targeted area. Tissues affected by rosacea, pigmentation, capillaries or wrinkles will absorb the energy needed to break the causes of affection. This will allow resuming the elastin and collagen production process shortly after. After only a few sessions, with proper treatment, your skin will be visibly improved. It will look rejuvenated and it will have a certain glow to it, a clear sign of success for your clients.

The device can be successfully used in rejuvenation treatments for the neck, face, chest and arms, as it is safe and comfortable. Thanks to its solid design and high quality materials, it can be used non-stop, and its friendly interface and intelligent software, that can be accessed through the 8.4 inch colour touchscreen, offer the user precious support, for an almost complete assistance. Small, mobile, silent and reliable, the Intense 3000 E-light device will perfectly adapt to your business needs and to your clients’ treatment requests.

Lamp: Xenon-Blitz

Treatment Area: 8 cm² (50mm x15mm)

Wavelength: 430 - 1200 nm

Treatment Head: 6 interchangeable treatment filters with adapted fast connection system

R.F. - Frequency: 10MHz

R.F. – Energy: 15-50J

R.F. – Wave Type: Pulse & Continuous

Used in:

  • 640 – 1200 nm Permanent Hair Removal
  • 750 – 1200 nm Permanent Hair Removal for Dark Skin
  • 590 – 1200 nm Capillaries
  • 560 – 1200 nm Fotoregeneration
  • 480 – 1200 nm Depigmentation
  • 430 – 1200 nm Acne Treatment

Screen: 8,4 inch Touch-Display

Power: 1000 W colouratt

Energy: 0 – 50 J

Impulse Speed: 1–4 seconds

Cooling: Water - Air - & Cooling Semiconductor

Impulse Number: Adjustable up to 15 impulses

Pulse Duration: 1 – 50 ms

Pulse Amplitude: 1.0 – 20.0

Voltage: 220 V

Weight: 56 kg

Size: 66*66*101 cm

Certificate: FDA / CE / ROSH / LVD / EMC

Lamp Life Span: cca. 100.000 – 130.000 Impulses

Software: Intelligent impulse and assisted pause software