Founded in 2002, L’Ortec Medical committed to deliver only the most efficient medical and esthetic equipment for the facial and bodily cosmetics. For more than 13 years of experience, our team has constantly worked to improve the relation with the collaborators, by building partnerships based on mutual trust and cooperation. L’Ortec Medical is focused on the reliability of the provided items; hence it selects exclusively the most advanced technologies, existent at the moment, to meet the needs of the technicians in the field of cosmetic medicine.

L’Ortec Medical is dedicated to bring the latest generation of technology, ultra-modern, in order to give the esthetic-medical professionals the power to adjust, to evolve and to be updated to the latest news, so that they can provide a genuine satisfaction to the patient and the highest level of performance, safety and effectiveness.

Our company intends to approach a complete perspective as an equipment supplier. Therefore, besides proper marketing of devices, it also offers support for training the technicians who operate the machines - through partnerships with professionals in the field – and malfunction repairing services.

Taking to consideration the fact that L’Ortec Medical prioritizes working at the highest quality standards, a rigorous system of values has been set, which includes the balance between price and quality, rightness and transparency, putting great worth on respecting every criteria imposed by FDA, ISO and CE.

The confidence which L’Ortec Medical has in its own equipment has been materialized throughout the RENT-A-LASER, CRYO and IPL projects, introducing to the European market the concept of working device renting. In this manner the interaction between the technicians and the machines they are interested into is facilitated, thus a further purchase being encouraged, seeking long term collaboration.

Receiving feed-back is vital for the customer relations improvement, and the L’Ortec experts know it best. For this reason, it maintains a close communication with those that benefit from the equipment distribution service, offering support in maintaining devices and correcting any occurring problems. In addition, the opening towards customers helps L'Ortec to better understand the needs of experts who purchase the equipment and to implement the best solutions the market demands. Also, it helps them to always stay one step ahead, by innovating the field with the latest equipment in the branch of cosmetics.

Convince yourself with the quality of the products and services offered by L’Ortec Medical!